The Film Project

KevCoin: The Movie is an independent UK documentary spoof, with real members of the public playing themselves in a narrative arc that depends on their involvement right through the film. The tone is a feel good comedy with real people playing themselves and enjoying the ride.  It's a meta - fictional/ real documentary spoof, where reality, fantasy and comedy set ups are mixed to create an insane trip into the mind and ambitions of Kevin Powder as he attempts to kick start his "trillion-dollar" project.

Kevin's mission is to create a cryptocurrency token valued at a trillion dollars, which he calls KevCoin. He figures there are so many investors out there in the crypto world, that he actually stands a chance.

The film is built around KevCoin which actually exists and sits on the Ethereum Blockchain, as an Erc20 token.

KevCoin: The Movie was shot over 35 Days and premiered on the 35th day in a cinema in southeast London in front of a real audience.

It's written and directed by Jason Attar and produced by Danny Wimborne. The first film staring Kevin Powder 'One Night in Powder' (2015) won multiple awards.