Kevin is a wannabe-nobody: always looking for the next opportunity to be part of something ‘big’. His belief that anything is possible makes him try the impossible, usually to hilarious results.

His previous career was being a PA to rock stars. He has been involved in every single rock and pop event to some degree, since the seventies. He has always been on the edge of the scene and in the past he has hang out at parties with all the famous legends from John Lyndon to Noel Gallagher and Marilyn Manson. After getting bored and too old to serve in the music scene he decides to pursue a new path as a crypto currency mega star and launch his own crypto token, KevCoin (for real).

He thinks the crypto space is still young enough for him to establish a trillion dollar token. Can he be the 1st person to do so? The race is on.

This is Kevin Powder's second film. The first, One Night In Powder (2015) won many awards, check out the praise below.