Et speramus KevCoin (In KevCoin We Trust)

KevCoin: The Movie is the world's first crypto feature film. The cast were paid in Kevin Powder's own cryptocurrency - KevCoin. And with each movie download (purchased with cash or crypto) people will receive free KevCoin tokens.

All official merchandise available in the online shop also comes with free KevCoins.

In the movie Kevin Powder searches the streets of Peckham for his sci-fi cast promising them payment in KevCoins.  He thinks they'll love it. They don't. Most don't have a clue what it is and demand cash.

What is KevCoin?

KevCoins actually exists and sits on the Ethereum Blockchain as an Erc20 token. It can be moved about and we can also write interesting contracts into KevCoin.

However we don't know the future of KevCoin or what it will become. We can hope and we will try, but we make no promises about its value.  Kevin Powder is dedicated to the mission: to try to make KevCoin a trillion dollar token - making Kevin Powder fans crypto millionaires!

25 billion tokens have been released onto the digital market. How well the token performs will be monitored on this website with regular updates.